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    New Boss Monster

    A spirit that has been protecting the beautiful Nixies Lake, along with its sister Nixie.

    After losing Nixies Lake and Nixie at the same time due to Selupan brought powerful ice storm with Secromicon's Book of Magic, the spirit became an evil monster due to its sorrow and anger.

    Now the powerful evil monster uses Secromicon's Book of Magic, ruling the Nixies lake.

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    Nixies Lake Monsters

    A mysterious frog-shaped creature. It did not like to show itself to the outside world, and therefore stayed as a myth although it was alive in Nixies Lake.

    The monster worshipped Nix and Nixie, protecting the lake with its mysterious powers.
    It felt Nix's sorrow when the beautiful lake and Nixie fell, and became an evil monster following Nix.

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    Nixies Lake Monsters

    A very common fish from Nixies Lake. Once it was very beautiful and fair, but it was swept away by the dark power when Spirit Nix turned dark with Secromicon's Book of Magic.

    Now it follows Nix's orders, roaming around Nixies Lake and eliminating all it can see.

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    Nixies Lake Monsters

    A lesser spirit that used to follow Nixie and Nix. When the lake was starting to freeze, it tried to run away from Nixie and Nix, betraying both of them. On the way of its escape it became an evil monster by Nix's powers.

    It used to look like a human, but it became a merman when it turned evil.

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