Fly together buddy,


Event Period: 21/08/2018 After Maintenance ~ 18/09/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Invite your friends who want to play MU together again!
You will receive +13 3rd Wings if more than 3 friends you’ve invited return to MU!

How to Participate?
  • 1.Log in and click ‘Send an invitation’ button.
  • 2.From the invitation, type Server & Character of your friends. (Max. 10 friends)
  • 3.If you type correct Server & Character, your friend will receive the Invitation and Returner’s Package
  • 4.If the friend who received Invitation logs in from the website, the invitation will pop-up.
  • 5.If 3 or more friends who received the invitation have purchased ‘Friend Package’, you will receive +13 [Bound]3rd Wings (+Luck)! (You can receive the reward ONLY ONCE)

Give your friend
Returner's Package!

- Talisman of Ascension III (7 Days)
- Pet Demon(7 Days)

Send an Invitation

What if 3 or more friends
Purchased Friend Package?

+13 [Bound]3rd Wings (+Luck)
3rd Wings for different classes
  • Wings of Illusion
  • Wings of Ruin
  • Cape of Emperor
  • Cape of Overrule
  • Wings of Storm
  • Wings of Eternal
  • Wings of Dimension
  • Cloak of Transcendence
  • ※ If you don’t receive the rewards, +13 [Bound]3rd Wings (+Luck) will be deleted after 30Days.
  • ※ You CANNOT invite a friend who has accessed to MU Online between 07/08/2018 to 13/08/2018 (UTC).
  • ※ You CANNOT invite a friend who has been already invited by other players.
  • ※ You cannot receive +13 [Bound]3rd Wings (+Luck) on Eldorado.