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Awake the Strength within the Abyss!


  • New FieldAtlantis of the Abyss

    New Field the Atlantis of the Abyss will be added for players over 1,000 level to enjoy. Atlantis of the Abyss is composed of 3 Levels that are filled with elemental monsters and new elite monsters.

  • 2nd Mastery AccessoryEarring of Forefathers

    New Mastery Accessory the Earring of Forefathers has been added. Obtain the power of the Earring of Forefathers by upgrading the Earring of Wrath!

  • Level Cap Increased!Max Level Expansion

    The maximum level has been expanded to 1150. Upon reaching level 1100, a special Muun can be ontained.

  • New system to boost the funMonster Soul Converter

    You can earn more rewards just through farming! By purchasing the Monster Soul Converter from Ruud Shop, you can fill it up with monster souls when slaying monsters. Fill the Soul Converter with monster souls to a certain amount and you can exchange it for various rewards.

  • Good news to Rune MageRune Mage Mastery Weapon

    Rune Mage’s New Mastery 4th Weapon & 5th Armor is added. Meet the more empowered Rune Mage with the Soul Rune Mace & Blue Eye Armor!

The first step to prepare for the Update! Pre-Register Event

Event Period: 04/02/2020 ~ 18/02/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Pre-Register now and get prepared for the update !
This is the chance to meet Demon Pet for FREE !


  • Scroll of Quickness (3Days)
  • Demon Pet (3Days)
  • [Bound] Bless of Light
    (Greater) X20
  • Please log into your account to pre-register for Season Update.
  • Your email must be verified to participate the event.
  • Items will be distributed on the scheduled maintenance 18/02/2020.

Get additional support! Beginner & Returner Support

Event Period: 04/02/2020 ~ 18/02/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

How to participate

  1. STEP 1Players who haven't accessed to MU Online between 20/01/2020 to 03/02/2020 (UTC) can receive the rewards.

  2. STEP 2If you are eligible for the rewards, log in and click
    ‘Get Rewards’ button.

  3. STEP 3Check the rewards
    in your inbox!


  • Gold Channel Ticket
    (3 Days)
  • Scroll Package
    (3 Days)
  • Only players who haven't accessed to MU Online between 20/01/2020 to 03/02/2020 (UTC) can receive the rewards.
  • The rewards will be deleted after 30 days.