Season 17 Part 1 Update 2 New Characters & Speed Server

For the first time, two characters from MU History are released! White Wizard Kundun & Mage Lemuria accessible in the Speed Server 2 New Characters & Speed Server Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 16/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)
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Chance to reach level 700 with ease!
Free Transfer Support!

Speed Server Benefits

Upon reaching level 700,
you can receive +11 3rd Wings & 100,000 Ruud

  • No need to pay for
    Server Transfer : Buy Transfer Ticket for FREE
  • 100,000 Ruud for every characters who achieved LV700 in Speed Server
  • Reach level 700 with
    Kundun or Lemuria to receive special rewards!
  • Don’t miss out on the
    special sales!

Level up Rewards

How to participate

Transfer to original servers after reaching mission level
Find your Reward in the inventory

※ 3rd Wings / Bloodangel armor set(periodical) / Ruud / Talisman will be sent to Gremory Case(Hotkey K).
Items sent to Gremory Case will be deleted within 7 Days if not received.

Free Server Transfer Support

Event Period : 02/08/2022 ~ 23/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

During the event period you can purchase the speed server transfer item for free

How to participate

  • Go to MU Online In-game Shop and buy
    [Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.
    [Free]Speed Server Transfer item.
  • Claim the item from MU PREMIUM COUPONS > COUPON BOX.

※ You can use Premium Service items 10 minutes or more after character logged out.

Maximum 30,000 Ruud!

Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 16/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

During the event period,
when you level up with a master level character you can earn 100 Ruud per every level

Master Level Character
1 Level UP
100 Ruud distributed automatically
per each level UP
  • ※ This event will be ONLY held in Speed Event Server.
  • ※ When leveling up with a master level character in the speed server, 100 Ruud will be automatically distributed per each level up(LV401 ~ 700, Up to maximum 30,000 Ruud).

Want to Know More about the Speed Server?


Level Up Guide Video