Season 17 Part 1 Update 2 New Characters & Speed Server

For the first time, two characters from MU History are released! White Wizard Kundun & Mage Lemuria accessible in the Speed Server 2 New Characters & Speed Server Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 16/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)
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First Purchase Event!

Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 16/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Purchase the speed server item for greater rewards!

How to participate

  • Purchase the Speed Server only item from the shop
  • Move the item from the shop storage to your inventory
  • Combine the price of the purchased item(s) MOVED TO THE INVENTORY
  • Check the combined price and claim the reward
Check My Total Price
Latest Update: 30-05-2024 01:00 UTC

Main Server Play

Event1. Transfer your character and claim rewards!

Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 23/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

How to participate

  • Transfer to original servers after reaching mission level
  • Claim your reward & check the inbox!

Event2. Get a BONUS reward after the transfer!

How to participate

  • Transfer your character from Speed Server to original servers
  • Reach LV.770 within 30 days after transfer
  • Press the Claim button for your reward
  • Check your Inbox (Hotkey X) and receive your reward
Available to claim until