Season 17 Part 1 Update 2 New Characters & Speed Server

For the first time, two characters from MU History are released! White Wizard Kundun & Mage Lemuria accessible in the Speed Server 2 New Characters & Speed Server Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 16/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)
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Gifts from Kundun & Lemuria

Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 16/08/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Special giveaway to celebrate the arrival of Kundun & Lemuria
Claim your rewards and create your new character in Speed Server!


Speed Server Open Celebration Event

During the event period, If you create a character in the Speed Server
you can buy a special reward for free!

Event Period : 19/07/2022 ~ 26/07/2022 07:00 (UTC)

※ The event item purchased from the shop will be deleted within 30 days if not used.
※ Reward can be claimed only once per account.

Event Period 1st Week : 22/07/2022 ~ 24/07/2022 24:00 (UTC)
2nd Week : 29/07/2022 ~ 31/07/2022 24:00 (UTC)

Play Speed Server more than 40 hours to get FREE items!

Level Up Support Event

Free Level Up Package in the Xshop!
During the event period, reach level 400 in the Speed Server to claim a special reward!

Event Period : 02/08/2022 ~ 09/08/2022 07:00 (UTC)

Speed Server Level 400 Reward

※ Speed Server Level Package can be purchased through the in-game shop, and only once per account
※ Speed Server Level 400 reward can only be claimed once per account, and can be received through the Inbox(Hotkey X)
※ Reward sent to the Inbox will expire in 30 days if not used