MU Season 17 Part 2 1st Update

Discovered the enormous power

Event Period : JAN 31, 2023 ~ FEB 21, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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Update Celebration Event

Destroy the enemy in
Kanturu Underground

Event Period : JAN 31, 2023 ~ FEB 21, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

EVENT 01 New Area “Kanturu Underground” Open Celebration

Elemental Symbol Event

Rewards have been upgraded!

Collect the Elemental Symbols from the elemental monsters in Kanturu Underground
And combine them into Superior Pentagram and Mastery Parts.

  1. STEP 1

    Upon killing monsters from Kanturu Underground,
    Elemental Symbols of various types will drop
    (When acquired it will be moved into the Event Inventory.)

  2. STEP 2

    If you go to the NPC Lahap (Elberland (37,241))
    and use the Symbol Combination to combine the Elemental Symbols,
    you can acquire the Elemental Box.

Elemental Box Reward Item List


  • Elemental Tokens that you’ve acquired can be found in the event inventory and up to 5 tokens can be stacked.
  • The Elemental Tokens cannot be traded through personal shops, stored in the warehouse, or disposed of (But the tokens can be sold to the shop).
  • If you do not have enough inventory space, you cannot combine the Elemental Boxes. (Elemental Box Size: 1X1)
EVENT 02 5th Mastery Accessories “Earrings of Allurement” Update

Mastery Accessory Upgrade Success Rate UP!

Event Period : JAN 31, 2023 ~ FEB 21, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

+8~+15 accessory
upgrade success

During the event period, +8~+15 accessory upgrade success rate will be increased 20%
The upgrade success rate for +1 ~ +7 does not increase.

EVENT 03 Max level 1,450 Expansion

Limited Edition Elemental Elf Muun Reward

Event Period: JAN 31, 2023 ~ Until Further Notice

When you reach level 1,400 season level reward will be
given through the Gremory Case.

Season Level Reward - Elemental Elf Muun

  • Base Stat

    When the Muun is equipped +10 Elemental DEF is added
  • Additional Stat

    When the Muun is acquired, 20 times base stats are applied for 30 days
  • How to Acquire

    When you reach level 1,400 the season level reward will be
    distributed automatically through the Gremory Case
    When you place the “Season Level Reward Chest” on the ground,
    Elemental Elf Muun will appear


  • Season level reward will be delivered through the Gremory Case(Shortcut K), and if it is not claimed it will expire in 30 days.
  • When you receive the Season level reward from the Gremory Case it will be moved to the event inventory(Shortcut I), and the item will be expired in 14 days.
Bonus Event


Event Period : JAN 31, 2023 ~ FEB 21, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

  • EXP increases by 30% Event

    During 21:00 ~ 03:00 (UTC)
    Gain extra EXP by Hunting Monsters
  • Monster HP 20% Decrease Event

    During the event period,
    Monsters' HP decreases by 20%!