FEB 21, 2023 ~ MAR 14, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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The most loved Class
'Elf' is Finally Renewal

Aggressive Type

Focused on agility stats & combat play,
Faster and stronger skills before.

Support Type

Focused on Energy stats & party support play,
New exclusive shields, and buff skills added

Elf Renewal Celebration
Elf Stat/Tree Reset Event

To celebrate Elf renewal, all stats/3rd skill tree/4th skill tree will be reset

Reset 01
Reset 02
3rd Skill Tree (Master Skill)
Reset 03
4th Skill Tree (Skill Enhance Tree)

* Reset is performed only for Elf classes.

Hunting time for Elves!

Event Period: FEB 21, 2023 ~ MAR 13, 2023 24:00(UTC) Deadline to Claim Rewards: ~ MAR 21, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

During the event period, use
Mu Helper to hunt monsters.
(Only Elf can participate)

Depending on the number of
hours hunted, you can receive
(Based on MU helper hunting time)

Rewards can only be received
once per account

Total Playtime


Latest update: 15-03-2023 00:15 (UTC)

100 Hours
200 Hours
300 Hours

Only Elf classes can participate in the event.

The reward can be claimed only once per account.

You can only get rewards during the event period.

The hunting time status will be updated every day at 00:15 (UTC).

200 Hour Reward and 300 Hour Reward can only be claimed by Elf classes with over LV400.

You can receive +11 Bloodangel Weapon / Armors (7 days) from the event inventory after you use the item from the inbox.

If the Elf character uses the Mastery Weapon Box, the item will be received according to the character stat.

If you do not receive the event rewards from the inbox within 30 days, they will be deleted.

Any player proven to have used an illegal program to get rewards will be blocked.

Elf Bonus Event

During the event period, If you have a Elf in your account then you can receive rewards
for buying a package from the special sales list

Event Period

1st Week : After Maintenance on FEB 21, 2023 ~ FEB 27, 2023 23:59 (UTC)
2nd Week : FEB 28, 2023 ~ MAR 6, 2023 23:59 (UTC)
3rd Week : MAR 7, 2023 ~ Before Maintenance on MAR 14, 2023 (UTC)

1st Week
2nd Week
3rd Week

You must have Elf character and purchase a product listed on Special Sales every week to participate for the event.

Reward Distribution will be done every Tuesday.

Reward Distribution schedule is subject to change.

You can receive rewards only ONCE per account.

Elf Bonus Event

Talisman of Ascension 2 (3 days) provided when creating
a new elf class character during the event period

Event Period: FEB 21, 2023 ~ MAR 14, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Create a new
Elf character.
Use the Pentagram Box
in your inventory.
Acquire Talisman of
Ascension 2 (3 days) in inventory