MU Season 18 Part 1-3

Collect the scattered fragments to complete its powers!

Event Period : AUG 29, 2023 ~ SEP 19, 2023 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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New Event Zone :
Group Boss Battle Event

Boss Raid for up to 40 characters

Group Boss Battle Event has been added
Prove your might against the fearful boss monsters.

New Equipment Artifact

Collect the scattered fragments to
complete its powers!

New equipment has been added.
Collect and combine the hexagon artifact fragments for mightier power ever before.

Artifact Introduction

Acquire the new equipment at the New Baruka Event
Collect the fragments to obtain various and rare options
as well as up to 100 Stats increase


Fortress of the
Imperial Guardian:
Baruka Event Map Renewal

Event Map Renewal

Acquire the new artifact rewards and fragments that can only be acquired at the
renewed Fortress of the Imperial Guardian: Baruka Event!

First change

Event Map Entry and Exit Changes

Category Before After

Mon ~ Saturday Map : Gaion’s Order
Sunday Map : Complete Secromicon

Baruka Entry Ticket

How to

NPC at the Event Map Square NPC

Use ‘Baruka Ticket’ in the inventory to
enter as single player.




Entry Map

Enter to each Map in accordance
with the day of entry.

Upon entry, out of the 7 possible
maps taken to 1 map at random

Exit Setting

Exit to Event Map Square

Exit in accordance with Party Status


Baruka Clear Rewards Change

Before After

Excellent Equipment
Normal Set Equipment

Artifact Fragment

Artifact Upgrade Stone