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Dimensional Roulette Event

The +11 4th Wing Voucher is newly added to The Dimensional Reward list.
Aim for the best prize!

Event Period: FEB 20, 2024 ~ MAR 12, 2024 Before Maintenance (UTC)

  • Goblin Point Roulette
  • Dimensional Roulette
  • Play Time Roulette

  • [GP]Scroll Master of Quickenss(2Days)
  • [GP]Scroll Master of Health(2Days)
  • [GP]Dkey+400 Goblin Point
  • [GP]Scroll Master of Defense(2Days)
  • [GP]Dkey+BOL(Greater)X1
  • [GP]Scroll Master of Recovery(2Days)
  • [GP]10000 Ruud
  • [GP]Scroll Master of Battle(2Days)
  • [GP]Dkey+Seal of Healing(2Days)
  • [GP]Scroll Master of Strengthener(2Days)
  • [GP]Dkey+Gold Channel Ticket(1Day)

  • [DR]Talisman of Chaos Assembly
  • [DR]Darkangel Soul
  • [DR]800 Goblin Point
  • [DR]BOL(Greater)X2
  • [DR]2000 Ruud
  • [DR]Elemental Talisman of Luck
  • [DR][Bound]Bless of light(Greater)X3
  • [DR]100000 Ruud
  • [DR]Elemental Talisman of Chaos
  • [DR](Hero)Bloodangel Soul
  • [DR]500000 Ruud
  • [DR]Rare Item Ticket 12 +1
  • [DR]Rare Item Ticket 12 +2
  • [DR]Rare Item Ticket 12 +3
  • [DR]Rare Item Ticket 12 +4

  • [PT]5000 Ruud
  • [PT]Elite Healing Potion 20EA
  • [PT]Master Seal of Ascension(1Day)
  • [PT]Seal of Ascension(1Day)
  • [PT]Scroll Master of Recovery(1Day)
  • [PT]Scroll Master of Battle(1Day)
  • [PT]Scroll Master of Strengthener(1Day)
  • [PT]Scroll of Recovery(1day)
  • [PT]Scroll of Battle(1Day)
  • [PT]Scroll of Strength(1Day)
  • [PT]Goblin Point 80
  • [PT]Goblin Point 20
  • Single round
    Automatically proceeds until the end time of the dimensional roulette.
  • Full round
    Roulette helper
    Automatically played until the Goblin Points run out. (including dimensional roulette)
Goblin Point 0

400 GP for Goblin Point Roulette
800 GP for Dimensional Roulette
Get 5 Dimensional Keys to play Dimensional Roulette for 1 minute!
To avoid a browser error, do not click your mouse or type on your keyboard when the roulette wheel is spinning.

Dimensional Key

Play Time Point 0

30 Play Time Points per play
Get 30 Play Time Points to play time Roulette
To avoid a browser error, do not click your mouse or type on your keyboard when the roulette wheel is spinning.

Go to Dimensional Roulette 00:00

When 5 Dimensional Keys are collected from Goblin Point Roulette, Dimensional roulette opens.
Dimensional Roulette is available for about 1 minute.
(While the Dimensional Roulette is open, Dimensional key cannot be obtained.)

Aim for the Best Prizes!
Roulette Point Ranking Event

Event Period

1st Week: FEB 20, 2024 After Maintenance ~ FEB 26, 2024 24:00 (UTC)
2nd Week: FEB 27, 2024 00:00 ~ MAR 4, 2024 24:00 (UTC)
3rd Week: MAR 5, 2024 00:00 ~ MAR 12, 2024 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Winner Announcement

All Winners will be announced at 19th of March, 2024

Top 200 ranked will get special prizes!
Roulette Point Ranking will not be separated by server.
Compete with players from all servers!

Play Time Roulette 1 Point
Goblin Point Roulette 2 Point
Dimensional Roulette 5 Point

Ranking List

See Rank by Week
Update date : 12-03-2024 00:00 (UTC)

The Event has ended.


Ranking of Ranking!
Who will be the top ranker in this 3-week ranking run!

Event Period: FEB 20, 2024 ~ MAR 12, 2024 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Ranking point will be cumulated each week to users that make it to the rankings on the Roulette Ranking Event.
How much Ranking Points you earn will depend on what rank you’ve reached each week.

(E.g) If you’ve achieved the following rankings: Week 1 Rank 1, Week 2 Rank 3, Week 3 Rank 8
[20,000RP+12,000RP+0RP=32,000RP] will be accumulated altogether.

Ranking Point(RP) is different from the points required through roulette, and it will depend on each rank you reach each week.

Ranking of Ranking event is account based and does not matter what server you play.

Ranking of Ranking Point(s) for Each Rank of the Week

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd

If users have the same amount of Ranking Point(RP)s, then the user with the higher sum of roulette points(3 weeks combined) will be placed higher rank.

Ranking Point(RP) is accumulated based on the account name.

Reward distribution schedule & method will be shared through the homepage announcement after the ranking event has ended.

Any user found to have conducted in abnormal behavior will be excluded from the rankings.

Ranking List

Rank Username Roulette Point

Check your prizes