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A bandoned land covered in blood-red sand

MU Season 18 Part 2 1st Update

Event Period JAN 30, 2024 ~ FEB 20, 2024 Before Maintenance (UTC)


New Contents for Season 18-2 Update

MU Season Pass & Tempest Muun

Clear Missions and
acquire rewards!

MU Season Pass

Mightier than Premium!

Tempest Muun

Season18-2 Update

Wings Combination

Wing Divine Object

When crafting Wings, combination using
‘Wing Divine Object’ is now added.

Current Wing Combination Method

Wing Craft Material

Wing Craft

Newly Added Wing Combination Method

Wing Craft Material

Wing Divine Object

Wing Craft

2nd Wing Craft Method

Divine Object
Craft Material

2nd Divine Object

2nd Wing

  • ※ For crafting 2nd Wing Divine Object, only the item ‘Roc’s Feather’ can be used.
  • ※ Cannot use Rexmilon's Seal as combination material when crafting Lv. 2 Wing item.

3rd and 4th Wing Craft Method

Divine Object
Craft Material

Divine Object

3rd/4th Wing

  • ※ Combination to craft Condor's Feather and Garuda's Feathers have been removed.
  • ※ Wing Combination using the item ‘Condor’s Feather / Garuda’s Feather’ remains the same for the items in possession.

New Grand Item

+11 Lv. 4 Wings Voucher

When using the
‘+11 Lv. 4 Wings Voucher‘ item,

You can acquire up to
4 Options [Lvl 4]!

< How to use the Lv. 4 Wings Voucher item >

  • When. Right-clicking the item at the inventory, the exchange tab will appear.

  • Please choose the 4th Wing of your choice at the exchange tab.

  • After choosing the Wing item, extra options are created randomly by pressing the button [Grant Options].
    The options can be randomly applied and changed up to 100 times maximum.

  • After changing the options, the 4th Wing item can be acquired by pressing the [Exchange] button.


  • The item above is a bound item and cannot be thrown away nor traded.

  • The item can be used within 30 days since the acquired date. If expired, the item cannot be used.