Maximum 20000% EXP, Challenge to the Extreme!

Only for a week! Special Rewards!

Welcome to
Speed Event Server 2

For limited period of time, get FREE items!

Event Period : 2017.07.11 ~ 2017.07.18 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Special Rewards

Who will rule the MU Speed Server Realm?

Speed Server Ranking Event

In Speed Server, Winning a throne is not a dream anymore

Event Period : 2017.07.11 ~ 2017.08.08 Before Maintenance (UTC)

  1. Rank 1

    - 0
  2. Rank 2

    - 0

(Latest update:
2024.06.17 00:00 UTC)

Ranking List Attention

Ranking Rewards

Get a Chance Maximum 25,000 Ruud!

Bless of Ruud with Priest James!

In Speed Event Server 2, once you reach the master level (400LV),
you will earn 100 Ruud per level up.
When you transfer your character to main server, your Ruud will be transferred together.

Event Period : 2017.07.11 ~ 2017.08.01 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Collect 2 Characters with LV 650 and LV 600!

Captain Marlon’s Mission

Have you reached the max level already?!
Grow LV 600 character and get best rewards!

Event Period : 2017.07.11 ~ 2017.08.08 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Reward Distribution : 2017.08.16 (UTC)

Marlon’s Medal of Glory

(Latest update: 2024.06.17 00:00 UTC)

0 left


How to Participate


Experience the Extreme Speed with Special Items!

Speed Packages!

Must have items are now on the board!

Event Period : 2017.07.11 ~ 2017.08.08 Before Maintenance (UTC)

(Normal) Starter Pack (3Days)

(Master) All-in-one Package (7Days)

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ONLY available in Speed Event Server 2

Silvia’s Secret Store

Items only available in Speed Event Server 2 with special prices!

Event Period : 2017.07.11 ~ 2017.08.08 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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  • This Ranking event is only for the Speed Event Server 2.
  • You CANNOT receive the reward if you transfer your character to original
    servers during the event period.
  • Rankings will be updated in every day 00:00 until 2017/08/08(UTC) before
    Maintenance. You can search your rank until 2017/08/16(UTC) before
  • Rankings will be determined according to the level. If more than one player
    reached the maximum level, the first one who reached
    the maximum level will be ranked higher.
  • Rankings can be eliminated if abnormal or abusive gameplay is detected.
  • This schedule is subject to be changed and will be noticed beforehand.

Speed Server Ranking List

Rank Character name Level EXP
Rank Character name Level EXP
No result could be found!


  • You can participate the event ONCE per account.
  • If you transfer any character that meets the condition of mission before
    the event ends, you cannot receive rewards.
  • If you already completed Marlon's Mission, you can transfer the character
    to original servers.
  • To accomplish the achievement, you should have one character with LV 650
    and one character with LV 600 or above in ONE account.
  • First 50 players who completed the mission will receive rewards.
  • Winners will receive ONE Bloodangel weapon for the account.
  • Rewards will automatically go to Inventory, only available in original Servers.
  • A player can be eliminated from the winner list if any abusive
    gameplay is detected.
  • If more than one person completed the mission simultaneously,
    a player with higher amount of EXP will be ranked higher.
  • Rewards will be distributed on 2017/08/16 (UTC).