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Season 16-2 Roulette Ranking Event 3rd Week Winner Announcement



Season 16-2 Roulette Ranking Event 3rd Week has ended.

Thank you all for playing MU Online and participating Roulette Ranking Event.

We happily announce the 1st~5th ranked players of total accumulated score.

Rank Account Point Reward
1 loc************* 45411 (Gun Crusher / Slayer / Rune Mage) +0 Divine Archangel Weapon OR +0 Manticore Armor Set +15 Stat, +Luck
2 for******** 42453
3 loc************* 39440 +0 Manticore Armor Set +15 Stat, +Luck
4 bru********* 36199 +0 Silver Heart Weapon +3Option, +Luck
5 Dun********* 30370

Event Reward for 6th~200th is as follows.

6 ~ 10th: 200,000 Ruud

11 ~ 30th: 50,000 Ruud

31 ~ 50th: Tailsman of Ascension 2(14Days)

51 ~ 100th: Pink Panda Ring(7Days)

101 ~ 200th: [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater)x10


Rewards for ranked players of 6~200th are distributed on March 11st.

For the ranked players of 1st~5th, please submit a CS ticket regarding your reward choice.

Please send us tickets with options you want to receive until March 25, 2022.
It will be unable to change the options if the item has used / moved.