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Regarding Temporary Maintenance Fixed issues and Compensation.


Greetings Mutizens,

We apologize for the great inconvenience that we have caused and would like to express our gratitude for waiting on our maintenance.

The issues that MUtizens have shared through tickets and our forums have been thoroughly investigated.
And we would like to inform you that the issues below have been fixed.

- Reduction of Character's Ruud Balance

- Abnormal stat points increase

- Negative Fruit point

- PK Level

- GM Icon

Unfortunately, the fruit items used between the time the issue occurred and the temporary maintenance have not been restored.

However, please do not be worried as all fruit items used during the period will be distributed.

For some characters, the character's level may appear to be lower than the original level in the Character Selection window.

Please refer to the fact that the level will be back to normal when the character log-in the game.

This problem occurred intermittently on all servers and was more common in Alfheim.

Please note that each server may have a different time point when the issue occurred.

Lastly, to all MUtizens who have been patient with us through this time, we would like to provide a reward to compensate for the time lost.

Please refer to the below information for details of the rewards.

- From In game shop, you can purchase Compensation Package for 0Wcoin.

[Period]: After Maintenance ~ 03/06/2022 02:00 (UTC)

* You will get items as below :

- Gold Channel Ticket(3Days)
- Switch Scroll(3Days)
- [Bound]Bless of Light(higher)X30
- Panda Pet(3Days)
- Pink Panda Ring(3Days)
- Scroll Package(3Days)
- Master Scroll Package(3Days)
- Master Seal of Ascension(3Days)
- Seal of Ascension(3Days)
- Seal of Wealth(3Days)
- Talisman of Ascension2(3Days)

- You can purchase the compensation package for free in that period only.
- You can purchase this package for free, ONCE per account.
- You can purchase the package either from In-game Shop(XShop).

Go to In-game Shop(XShop) to receive the compensation package

Thank you for Mutizens' patience.

Thank You
MU Support Team