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Demi-Human Bat with Fatal Beauty

Name : Benjia
Class : Slayer

Weapon : Short Sword
Main Stat : Strength, Dexterity
Base : Slayer
2nd Class Change : Royal Slayer
3rd Class Change : Master Slayer

Background Story

Demi Human...

The slayer was originally born from Lorencia and was reincarnated through
experiments in Kundun which turned her into a half-human half-bat
demi-human.1896 of Lugard’s calendar, the demi-human experiment was
discovered by Kundun’s forces in Kanturu.
To increase the power of their forces, they use the experiment to create demi-humans.
The slayer is the first successful demi-human created from the experiment.

Relentless Assassin...

After being abducted by the Kundun forces,
the slayer was recreated to become an obedient killing
machine with no emotions.
A revered advanced demi-human with the intellectual of
a human and the ability to track and detect using sonar
like a bat.
With her advanced tracking, detecting, and killing abilities,
she was used as an assassin by Kundun
to assassinate traitors and those who were planning
to commit acts of treason.
While she was working as a follower of Kundun,
her human-like emotions were being awakened
by a mysterious woman.
She later discovers that the mysterious woman
she assassinated as a traitor was her mother.
She escapes the grasp of Kundun after discovering
everything that has happened to her.
Now, away from the hands of Kundun, she battles with
the will to assassinate him.

Concept Art

Prepare for the arrival of Slayer!

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Warm-up Event. 1

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★ Latest Update: 14.07.2020 00:00 UTC

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Warm-up Event. 2

Playtime Challenge

Event Period 30/06/2020 ~ 14/07/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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How to participate

  • 1 Enjoy the game
  • 2 Stay connected until you reach mission time
  • 3 Receive reward after checking accumulated time
  • 4 Find Reward
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Check My TotalPlaytime

★ Latest Update: 14.07.2020 00:00 UTC

  • ·Reward can be claimed by clicking the [Claim] button, and it will be sent to your cash storage.
  • ·Playtime is accumulated in minutes of 10, and not in single minutes. (E.g) If you were logged in for 59 Minutes, only 50 minutes are recorded)
  • ·You cannot participate in the event after the event is finished, and the reward can be claimed only once per account.
  • ·If the mission event reward item is not used for 30 days after receival it will be deleted.