PK Changes

Point System

- With the changes to the point system, PK disadvantage remaining on all PK players
   will be reset.
- You will gain points starting from PK level 1.
- To get rid of the PK status, you have to hunt monsters and clear points.
   (Point deduction formula: Monster Level/2)
- Below is the chart showing accumulated PK points for each level.

LevelPK level 1 (Warning)PK level 2PK level 3
(Murderer level)
After PK level 3
Points required 21,600 43,200 86,400 +3,600

-Points will continue to accumulate after PK Level 3. (Not Capped)
-You can see your points by visiting ‘Pasi the Mage’ at Lorencia.

Item Drop Rate for each PK Level

- Item drop rate when you are in an Outlaw status has been changed.

Item Drop
LevelName ColorDrop rate when killed by a monsterDrop rate when killed by a player
Default Yellow 6% 0
PK level 1
Orange 25% 25%
PK level 2 Red 50% 50%
PK level 3
(Murder level)
Crimson red 90% 90%

- Cash items cannot be dropped.
- Bound items (Non-tradable) can be dropped.

EXP Deduction Rate for Each PK Level

- Amount of EXP lost when you die in Outlaw status has been changed.
   (Only deducted when you die from a monster)

EXP deduction rate (Applies to both Red/Blue)
LevelLevel 11~150Level 151~220Level 221~
Normal 3% 2% 1%
PK level 1 (Warning) 5% 5% 5%
PK level 2 10% 10% 10%
PK level 3 (Murder level) 20% 20% 20%

Warp Command Window

- Warp Command Window can now be used at all PK levels.
- Warp Command Window can be used at Outlaw Level 2 or higher but it requires more Zen.

Warp Command Window Use (Applies to Red/Blue)
LevelWarp Command WindowRequired Zen
Normal Available Default Zen
PK level 1 (Warning) Available Default Zen
PK level 2 Available Displayed Zen x 50
PK level 3 (Murder level) Available Displayed Zen x 50

Zen Deduction Rate on Character Death

- Changed amount of Zen lost on character death to 4%. (Applies to all characters)
- No Zen is lost for characters level 10 or lower.

Zen Deduction Rate (On death, applies to both Red/Blue)
LevelKilled by a monsterKilled by a player
Normal 4% (Deducted from both Inventory and Warehouse) No deduction
PK level 1
4% (Deducted from both Inventory and Warehouse) No deduction
PK level 2 4% (Deducted from both Inventory and Warehouse) No deduction
PK level 3
(Murder level)
4% (Deducted from both Inventory and Warehouse) No deduction


- Starting from PK level 2, you will automatically start at Lorencia after reconnecting.
- You cannot attack both players and monsters at PK level 3.
- At PK level 3, PK Points can only be decreased by killing monsters in Vulcanus.
- At PK level 1 or higher, you are restricted from connecting to Non-PVP servers.
   (Please note that you will be restricted from Blue Gold channels as well.)

Character Changes

Point System

- Dark Knight’s combo damage has been increased.
- Combo Damage Formula = ((Strength * 1.5) + Agility + Energy))
   + Damage of the last skill used.
- Gain extra 30% attack power if you dual wield same one handed weapon.
   (Ex. 1) Equip Lightning Sword and Sword of Destruction = +10% attack power
   (Ex.2) Equip 2x Sword of Destruction = +30% attack power


- Ability of Satyros, summoned by the master skill “Summon Satyros” has been increased
- Buff received when you use “Infinity Arrow” now lasts forever.
   (Buff is removed when you reconnect or when you die. It can be removed manually
   by right clicking)

Dark Wizard

- Blast skill’s range has been increased from 3 to 6. (Also applies to Magic Gladiator)


- While you have the berserker buff, you cannot receive the buff from Elf which increases
   attack power. (However, you can receive the berserker buff while you have the Elf buff.)

1st Buff (Activated)2nd buff (additional)Result
Berserker buff Use Increasing attack Can’t have Increasing Attack
Increasing Attack Use Berserker buff Increasing Attack disappears / Berserker buff activated


- Decreased the speed at which weapons lose durability.

Pet System Changes

Dark Spirit

- Adjusted the speed at which Dark Spirit loses life to allow for longer hunting.
- Increased the maximum level from 50 to 70.
- Formula for command value required has been changed.-> (185 + (Dark Spirit’s level * 10))
- Various effects for Dark Spirit have been added

Damage TypeFormula
Chance to inflict Excellent Damage 3% + (Command / 200) + (Spirit level / 20)
Chance to inflict Double Damage 2% + (Command / 300) + (Spirit level / 30)
Chance to ignore defense and inflict damage 1% + (Command / 400) + (Spirit level / 40)

- How Dark Spirit reacts to each attack command has been changed.

Dark Horse and Other Changes

- Dark Horse’s maximum level has been increased from 50 to 70
- Items that characters can ride are now classified as ‘Mounts’
    Mounts: Horn of Unicorn, Horn of Dinorant, Horn of Fenrir, Horn of Dark Horse
- Mounts can now be equipped from the inventory.
- You may only equip 1 mount at a time.
- How EXP is displayed in tooltip of Dark Horse and Dark Spirit has been changed.
    (Currently, it shows the total EXP and amount needed to level up.)
- Maps where you can use mounts

MapMap TypeCan be equippedCannot be equipped
Chaos Castle Event Map N/A No mounts can be equipped
Icarus Normal Map Horn of Dinorant
Horn of Fenril
Horn of Dark Horse
Horn of Unicorn
Atlans Normal Map Horn of Fenril(Normal/Defensive/Destructive)
Horn of Dark Horse
Horn of Unicorn
Horn of Dinorant
All other maps Normal Map
Event Map
All mounts can be equipped N/A

PVP Area Changes

- Atlans and Aida have been changed to normal area.

Red/Blue PVP Area Settings
AreaRequired Level (Warp)RedBlue
Atlans 60 (70) - PVP Area
Aida 130 (150) - PVP Area
Kanturu Ruins 160 - PVP Area
Swamp of Peace 400 - PVP Area
Bulkanus 30 PVP Area PVP Area

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