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Guide Quest System

New Quest System

  • 1. Guide Quest
  • 1) Quest UI Change
    • (1) Around 200 Quests will be added to Guide Quest Tap. 이미지
    • (2) You will automatically accept the quest depend on your level. You will proceed one event at a time. 이미지 이미지 [You can receive rewards in Quest Information Window without going through NPC]
  • 2) Quest Details
    • (1) Quests consist of Moving to designated Area/Collecting Item/Hunting Monsters/Reaching Level/Completing Quests. 이미지
    • (2) For smooth sailing for completing quests, “Go Now” Button has been added.
      (If you click “Go Now” Button, you will be warped to the map and reach the destination automatically.) 이미지
    • (3) If you abort the quest you received, you will receive next quest immediately. You cannot receive previous quests again.
    • (4) Those quests are not mandatory and if you select the checkbox next to title of a chapter, the whole chapter will be aborted.

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