Mini-game Jewel Bingo

Jewel Bingo

  • 1. Jewel Bingo Event
  • 1) Jewel Bingo
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    • ① This is a mini-game you can play regardless of your hunting. You can enjoy the event while hunting with MU Helper.
    • ② You can proceed the game by clicking the banner.
  • 2) Card Piece Item
    • ① Just like MU Roomy, Find Bombs event, you can acquire Card Piece Item while hunting.
    • ② You can auto-acquire the Card Piece Item by checking the ‘Event Item’ in MU Helper Setting.
    • ③ Once you have collected 24 Card Pieces, a deck will be created and you will be able to play the game.
  • 2. How to Play ‘Jewel Bingo’?
  • 1) Distributing Jewels.
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    • ① Click the jewel from the right and place it on the game board.
    • ② You can also use the auto-placement button to automatically place the jewel.
  • 2) Choosing Rewards
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    • ① You will choose the box when all jewels have been placed.
    • ② According to boxes, different jewels will be chosen.
  • 3) Jewel Matching
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    • ① Click the same jewel as the one came out from the box.
    • ② You can make a Bingo when jewels are matched in one line (Vertical, Horizontal or Diagonal Line)
    • ③ You can acquire higher score if you matched a line through the middle “MU”.
    • ④ The game will end when the number of Jewel in the box reaches zero.
    • ⑤ Scores will be determined according to the number of Bingo.
  • 4) Receiving Rewards
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    • ① You will receive different Boxes according to Score.
    • ② If you click ‘Receive Rewards’ button after end of the game, Rewards will go to Gremory Case(K).
    • ③ Expiration Duration of rewards is 1 Day.

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