How to use Talisman of Chaos Assembly (TCA)

Talisman of Chaos Assembly(TCA) can be used when upgrading an item (must be over +9)
through Chaos Machine. It does not guarantee you 100% success rate, however it will prevent the item from disappearing when it fails.

Keep in mind that although the item will not disappear, it will become +0 when it fails.
TCA is one time use only, and it must be placed in the machine along other items in order to become effective. Here is more detailed guide.


  1. 1. Choose your item that you wish to upgrade and put it in the machine.

  2. 2. Place your jewels and Talisman of Chaos Assembly.
    (Again, don’t keep it in the inventory if you want to use TCA)

  3. 3. Press OK button to confirm.

  4. 4. Getting assembled…

  5. 5. Tahdah! Now it is upgraded to +10.

  6. 6. This time we are going for +11. As before, place the item, jewels and TCA.

  7. 7. Confirm your choice to upgrade.

  8. 8. Getting assembled…

  9. 9. It failed.

    However thanks to TCA, the item didn’t disappear. But it has become +0 instead.
    Thank you for reading the guide and good luck to everyone!

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