Pentagram is an important item that gives elemental system to your character.

There are various pentagrams from beginner to senior.


[Pentagram for Beginners]

- Pentagram for Beginners is a basic item you can obtain when you create a character.

- When you throw the pentagram box onto the floor, you can obtain one of elemental pentagrams randomly with Errtels for Beginner.

- You can equip the pentagram on bottom right side of your inventory.



[Pentagram – Upgrade]

- Basically, Pentagram has Elemental Damage, Elemental Defense Options.

- You can upgrade these options with jewels, same as other items.


[Pentagram - Trade limit]

- The Pentagram has trade limit at the first time when the item was obtained. (The first limited numbers of trade are different depending on each Pentagram and the minimum is 1 time)

- Tradable seal can increase trade limit. (The maximum is 255)


[Pentagram- Elemental Window]

- Every pentagram has elemental window of its own.

- You can open the elemental window of your pentagram with ALT + right click

- From the window, you can check pentagram option, and Errtel slots.



[Pentagram - Errtel Slot]

- Errtel slots in pentagram can be activated randomly when the item is dropped from field monsters. (Maximum 4)

- You can equip errtel only when an errtel slot is activated.

- You can activate a slot for Errtel of Radiance with “Expansion Scroll of Radiance slot”

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