Mastery Bonus Option

What is Bonus Option?

  • You can add All stat increase option to Mastery Weapons, and Damage Reduction Option to Mastery Sets! There are 3 bonus options available:
  • Weapon: All Stat +10 / +25 / +40
  • Set: Damage Reduction +25 / +50 / +75

How to obtain Bonus Option?

    • You may obtain a Bonus Option when you:
      • ① Use Mysterious Stone on Mastery Weapon/Set.
      • ② Purchase the 1st Mastery Weapon from Priest James.
      • ③ Unlock the 1st Sealed Mastery set.
      • ④ Combine a Mastery Weapon/Set.
      • Note: bonus options are random and you may not obtain bonus option as well.
        • +Plus,
        • You can't use a Mysterious Stone on an item with the maximum option and the maximum bonus option.

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