Improved Quest Update Story

Improved Quest System

  • 1. Changed Quest UI
  • 1) Added quest tabs for each type of quest
    • (1) According to the nature of the quest, they are distinguished into the guide/class change/tutorial/reward/repeatable tab.
    • (2) The Go Now feature is added to all quests so that players can now instantly move to the quest location after they receive a quest.
      If players move to a hunting ground, the Helper feature is automatically activated upon arrival.
      (If the quest objective is in a village or finding a location, this feature does not work)
  • 2) Improved Quest Information Window
    • (1) The quest information window can now track up to 3 quests at the same time and can have up to 20 pieces of quest information instead of displaying only 1 quest.
    • (2) Upon completing a quest, the Get Reward feature becomes available. This feature teleports the player to the quest giver. Players then talk to the NPC for reward.
    • (3) Players can have up to 20 active quests.
  • 2. Added Quest Content
  • 1) Added Automatic Prerequisite Quests
    • (1) Upon reaching certain levels, players automatically receive a quest that leads them to NPCs who have quests available. When this quest becomes active, a red triangle will be displayed in the UI.
  • 2) Changed Some Quest Content
    • (1) Changed some quests' reward and content. Go Website > Game Info > Test to check them.

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