[Notice] Server Transfer Premium Service Guide



Before the server merge, you will be able to transfer your Midgard/Eldorado chracter to Midgard/Eldorado.

[Event Period]: 12/11/2019 ~ 26/11/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Please see information below regarding Server Transfer.

What is Server Transfer Premium Service?

- Server Transfer is a premium service that enables you to transfer one of your characters in Midgard/Eldorado to Midgard/Eldorado.
- You cannot transfer your character to the same server.
- You can purchase “Server Transfer” Premium Service from in-game shop.

** How to use Server Transfer Premium Service?

1. Go to Webshop > Shopping List > INBOX and USE "Server Transfer"
2. Go to Webshop > MU PREMIUM COUPONS > COUPON BOX > USE "Server Transfer"
3. Read Server Transfer instructions carefully and click NEXT

Please check following instructions before using the service:


- This service can be performed in Midgard/Eldorado Servers regardless of character level or class.
- You may not be able to use this service, if your account is blocked or restricted.
- This service cannot be cancelled once it’s confirmed, so please take cautions when applying for the service.

Term of Use

- You cannot use two services together at a time. If you have activated one service, it will have to be completed before you activate another one.
- You can use ‘Server Transfer’ Service 10 minutes after logging off.
- The character should not be a member of guild or GENS.
- If you are a guild master, please disband the guild to use the servie.
- When transferring a character to a different server, the account should be disconnected from the game.

**Please Note

1. Please check available Server for Server Transfer: Midgard/Eldorado.
2. If you have items in Gremory Case or Event Inventory, you CANNOT transfer your character.
   You MUST empty your Gremory Case and Event Inventory. 
3. When you transfer your character, mountable Muuns (Griffs/Repen/Pon) will be expired, cannot be restored.
4. You should leave the Guild and GENS when you transfer the character.
5. The maximum number you can purchase this item per account is 5.
6. You can ONLY use Premium Service in Webshop.


Thank You
MU Support Team

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