Notice regarding New & Returning Players Promotion


How are you everybody?
As many Mutizens are curious regarding New&Returning Players Promotion, we would like to give you a notification.
Belows are standard and contents to get benefit as New&Returning Players.
Please check whether you are eligible to the benefits.


1. Newly Registered Players

 - Players who newly joined during 2016/6/28 00:00 ~ 7/26 23:59 (UTC).
 - Members who actually log in and play MU online after registration.
 * Converted users won't be considered as New Registered Players.

2. Returning Players

 - Players who have login record from 2014/5/26 to 2016/3/26 (UTC).
 - Players who didn't login from 2016/3/27 to 2016/6/27 (UTC).
 - Players who have character level above 80 in an account.


1. New Registered Players

 - Gift will be distributed by 29 of July.
 - Be expected guessing what are inside of Welcoming Package! 

2. Returning Players

 - Returning Players can buy a package for 0Wcoin at Webshop and in-game shop.
 - This package sells until 2016/7/26 23:59 (UTC).

We feel sorry for the delayed post and thank you for your patience.

Thank you
MU Support Team
Your Time