Happy valentine's day festival

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Lucky Chocolate Box Event

Your Chocolate Boxes will bring you more than chocolates!

Event Period : 2017. 02. 14 ~ 02. 28 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Monsters in the Continent of MU are now dropping chocolate boxes!
Throw the box onto the floor to get lucky items and more!

  1. STEP 1 Hunt

  2. STEP 2 Pick up
    Chocolate Box

  3. STEP 3 Throw the box
    Onto the Floor

  4. STEP 4 Get Lucky item
    or Zen

Lucky Chocolate Box Details

Chocolate Box Items
Pink Chocolate Box 30,000ZEN, Jewels
Red Chocolate Box 60,000ZEN, Jewels, Excellent Accessories (Rings)
Blue Chocolate Box 100,000ZEN, Jewels, Excellent Accessories (Necklaces)