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Arcadia Awakes ! Level up with Speed Server

Speed Arcadia Launch

Speed.1 New server is just around the corner! Arcadia Awaits

Greetings, Mutizens ! Following the Speed Arcadia Server, the NEW Server Arcadia is coming soon.
Please be aware of the setting of this Special Speed Server Event !

  • 1Special Server Speed Arcadia can ONLY be transfer to upcoming Arcadia Server
  • 2Do not miss the great chance to simply level up your Character for new server
  • 3Claim your rewards via the Challenges !
  • 4Stay tuned for various event after transferring to new server Arcadia

Speed.2 Level up perks

Level UP and collect your rewards !

Speed.3 Free Ticket to Arcadia

Get a free Server Transfer Coupon to go to Arcadia!

Event Period 31/03/2020 ~ 21/04/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

How to participate

Go to shop
  • Step 1 ·Go to MU Online Official Webshop
       > Premium Category and purchase
    ·[Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.
  • Step 2 ·Go to SHOPPING LIST > INBOX and USE ·[Free]Speed Server Transfer item.
  • Step 3 ·Claim the item from MU PREMIUM COUPONS
       > COUPON BOX

You can use Premium Service items 10 minutes or more after character logged out.

Speed.4 You are no longer a Teleport Character!

The message will disappear after you transfer from Speed Server

Before After