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6/9/2015 ~ 6/23/2015


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Summon Evomon through Evomon Summoning
Scroll and upgrade it through evolution

How to Proceed

Obtain Evomon Summoning Scroll

  1. Collect Summoning Scroll Fragments through hunting monsters.
    • - Summoning Scroll Fragments are stored in Event Inventory.
  2. Collect 25 Summoning Scroll Fragments, and they will automatically turn into
    one Evomon Summoning Scroll.

Event Inventory

  1. Find the Event Banner on the top left corner.
  2. Click on the Event Banner to open Event Inventory
    • - Evomon Summoning Scroll Fragments and Summoning Scrolls are stored inside

How to Summon Evomon

  1. Drag and drop the Evomon Summoning Scroll from the Event Inventory to the ground.
  2. Evomon (lv.1) will be summoned through the Summoning Scroll.
    • - The character who dropped the Summoning Scroll will become the owner of the Evomon
  3. Evomon Summoning Scroll cannot be dropped on the following circumstances.
    • - When another Evomon of my party member or my character is already summoned.
    • - Inside areas such as:All safe zones, Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Devil Square,
      Illusion Temple, Varka, Doppleganger, Icarus, Kalima, etc.

How to hunt Evomon

  1. You must hunt the summoned Evomon within a limited time.
    • - The Evomon will disappear along with the reward if you do not meet the time limit.
  2. If successfully hunted, the evolution of the Evomon will succeed or fail by a certain rate.
    • - By a low chance, Special Evomon will appear during the evolution.


Evolution SUCCESS!

  1. If the evolution of an Evomon succeeds, higher level Evomon will appear.
    • - Evomon’s level will rise by +1.
  2. If you had ever succeeded in evolving the Evomon to over level 30.
    • - The level of your next Summoning Scroll’s Evomon will rise by +4, until it reaches level 69.

Evolution FAIL!

  1. If the evolution of an Evomon fails, the Evomon will disappear.
  2. You will receive the corresponding reward from the Evomon before the failed evolution.
  3. Evomon’s level will be reset, and Evomon (lv.1) will be summoned from
    the next Summoning Scroll.

Special Evomon

  1. Special Evomon will appear during the evolution by a low chance
  2. You will receive a bigger reward if you succeed in hunting the Special Evomon.


Evomon Reward

EvomonTypeTime of acquisitionReceiver
Evomon Upon failing
the evolution
The owner of
the Evomon
Special Evomon Upon successfully
hunting the
Special Evomon
The owner of the
Special Evomon
and party members
  • You must be within a specific distance from the Evomon in order to receive your reward.
  • If the owner of the Special Evomon is not within the specific distance, no one in the party will be able to receive rewards.
  1. Evomon’s Reward will automatically be placed inside the Gremory Case.
    • - Open the Gremory Case by pressing ‘K’ or clicking the menu.
  2. Evomons will drop one of the 6 types of boxes as reward.

    Open the box to receive…

    • Excellent Items
    • Excellent Accessories
    • Set Items
    • Ancient Set Items
    • Pentagrams
    • Socket Items
    • Bundles of Jewels
    • And more….

Evomon Ranking Reward

  1. You will be ranked by the maximum level of your evolved Evomon, and the total damage to Evomon.
    • - The maximum level of your Evomon will be displayed on the in-game Score Board on
      the top right corner.
    • - The maximum level of your Evomon will be displayed as “Evomon Score”, along with
      Total Damage to Evomon on the EVOMON EVOLVES! Ranking Board.
  2. Evomon Ranking Reward will be distributed according to the Ranking Board.
    • - Players will be first ranked according to Evomon Score (Maximum level of Evomon) and
      then to Total Damage to Evomon.

    * Players with same Evomon Score and Total Damage to Evomon will have the same ranking.

1~3 Archangel Weapon
4~10 Mastery Reward Chest (500 Ruud)
11~20 Tibetton (Evolved)
21~50 Tibetton (Lv.1)
51~100 Mastery Box (Greater)
101~300 Mastery Box (Standard)
301~1000 Mastery Box (Minor)
  • Ranking 1~3 players can receive Archangel Weapon of their choice by sending a CS ticket.
  • You will receive 500 Ruud from Mastery Reward Chest.