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Who Will Reign Over The Server?

6/11/2015 ~ 6/22/2015

Practice period of Castle Siege for new server, Asgard has officially ended!
We have stated in the Season X notice that 1st Winner of Castle Siege Event is to be announced in the future. 

Special rewards have been decided to be distributed to VICTORIA guild of Asgard, for its consecutive wins in the past Castle Siege Practices.

Now it is time for The Real War. 

Who will be the ultimate guild reigning over the server?
Official Castle Siege event will be held through June, for all servers and for all guilds ready to participate in the war. 

[Event Schedule]

  • Guild Registration : 6/14~6/15
  • Registration Period for Sign of Lord : 6/16~6/17
  • Announcement : 6/18
  • Castle Preparation : 6/19~20
  • Castle Siege : 6/21

[Reward for Winner Guild (Main Guild)]

For Asgard Server

  • Guild Master : One Archangel Weapon +0 +Skill+ 2options
  • Guild Members : Conqueror's Wing 30 days

For Helheim/Midgard/Titan Servers

  • Guild Master : 3rd wing + Luck
  • Guild Members : Conqueror's Wing 20 days 

**For Winning Guild Masters,
please send us a CS ticket stating the type of Weapon/Wing you would like to receive, after event period. 

Thank you
MU Support Team