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Speed Server Transfer Event (Modified)

4/26/2022 ~ 5/17/2022

Greetings Mutizens!

From now on, you can transfer your speed server character to main servers.

Check out how to transfer your character for free!
If you are not ready to transfer yet, take a look at the special packages.

Event : Speed Server Transfer

[Event Period] 26/04/2022 ~ 17/05/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Do not miss the great chance to transfer to the main servers for FREE!!

[How to Get Free Server Transfer Coupon]

Go to MU Online In-game Shop(XShop) 

- Purchase [Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.

Please be aware of the setting of this Special Speed Server Event!

- Characters remaining in the speed server will be permanently deleted from the database during the maintenance on 17/05/2022 (UTC).
- Unused items will be deleted from inventory.
- You can use [Free]Speed Server Transfer item 10 minutes after your character logged out.
- You must leave Guild and Gens to transfer your character.
- You can buy Speed Server Transfer items in Shop to transfer more characters.

Sales1 : [Event] Speed server transfer

[Sales Period] 26/04/2022 ~ 10/05/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Price: Free Once per an account, you can buy more for 

Sales2 : Last Burning Package

[Sales Period] 26/04/2022 ~ 10/05/2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Not ready to transfer yet? Special packages are on sale for you!

Ultimate Package I : 690 Wcoin
- [SPEED]Master Seal of Ascension II(7days)
- [SPEED]Master Seal of Wealth(7Days)
- [SPEED][Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x 20
- [SPEED]Pink Panda Ring(7Days)

Ultimate Package II : 1,190 Wcoin
- [SPEED]Talisman of Ascension III(7days)
- [SPEED]Seal of Healing(7Days)
- [SPEED][Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x 20
- [SPEED]Pet Panda(7Days)

Ultimate Package III : 1,690 Wcoin
- [SPEED]Talisman of Ascension III(7days)
- [SPEED]Master Seal of Ascension II(7Days)
- [SPEED][Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x 50
- [SPEED]Pink Panda Ring(7Days)

To purchase Last Burning Package, click HERE.

Thank You
MU Support Team