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Egg of Monsters - May 3th, 2022

5/3/2022 ~ 5/17/2022

Dear Mutizens,

Let's collect new Muun eggs with Egg of Monsters Event!

Egg of Monsters EVENT

[Event Period]: May 3 ~  May 17, 2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Enjoy hunting in MU and get a bunch of rewards including new Muun eggs!

Muun Evolved

Name: DandelionFairy

Grade: Premium

Ability: Ability: Skill Damage Increase (Non-PVP)

Special Ability(SA): Ability x 20

Condition for SA: Wednesday ~ Sunday

Special Ability of this Muun will affect PvP after its evolution

Name: RapeSpirit

Grade: Common

Ability: Critical Damage Increase (Non-PVP)

Special Ability (SA): Ability x 5

Condition for SA: 13:00 ~ 24:00

Name: LeafSorcerer

Grade: Common

Ability: Attack Skill (Skill delay: 10 sec) (Non-PVP)

Special Ability(SA): Skill Speed x 2

Condition for SA: Monday ~ Thursday

Premium Muun Egg SALES

[Event Period]: May 3 ~  May 17, 2022 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Earn new Premium Muun!

Premium Muun Egg X5EA
70 Wcoin

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[Please Note]
- The event is held in Helheim, Midgard, Alfheim, Arcadia, Fresei, Noatun and Jotunheim .

Thank you for your continuous support.
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