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Spring Festival Sales

3/21/2023 ~ 4/11/2023

Greetings MUtizens,

Lucky Chance Box is on sale for limited time for Mutizens.
With new packages your characters will become stronger in a short period of time!
Choose your packages RIGHT NOW!

[Sales Period]: MAR 21, 2023 ~ APR 11 (before maintenance) (UTC)

Sales 1. Lucky Chance Package : 3,900 Wcoin
*This package can be purchased ONLY ONCE per account

Lucky Chance Package - 3,900 Wcoin
Talisman of Ascension 3(14Days)Gold Channel Ticket(14Days)
Master Seal of Wealth(14Days)
Seal of Healing(14days)
Master Scroll of Quickness(14Days)

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Sales 2. Glory Package
 : 1,190 Wcoin

Glory Package - 1,190 Wcoin
[Normal/Master]Seal of Wealth(7Days)
Seal of Healing(7days)
[Normal/Master] Seal of Ascension2(7Days)
Bless of Light(Greater)x10
Brown Panda Ring(7Days)

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Sales 3. Booster BOX  : 890 Wcoin

[Normal/Master]Booster Box1 - 800 Wcoin
[Normal/Master]Seal of Ascension(7Days)
Talisman of Ascension 1(7Days)
Bless of Light (Greater) x 10
[Normal/Master]Booster Box2 - 1200 Wcoin
[Normal/Master]Seal of Ascension2(7Days)
Talisman of Ascension2(7Days)
Bless of Light (Greater) x 20

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Sales 4 : BOL(Greater)! SALES

Items Wcoin
Bless of Light(Greater)X50+50 1900
Bless of Light(Greater)X30+20 1200
Bless of Light(Greater)X20+10 800

50+50 Package is available only once for an account.

Don't miss the chance !

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Thank you for your continuous support.

MU Support Team