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[FAQ] Most Asked Questions on 2022 Speed Server


Greetings MUtizens,

Thank you for playing MU ONLINE!
We understand that our MUtizens have a lot of questions in mind regarding our Speed Server.
We have prepared an FAQ section regarding the Speed to educate further our MUtizens.

1. What happens when I transfer my character? What exactly will transfer with my character, such as my items, Zen, Ruud, Muun, etc?

- Zen: It will be deleted, and 100,000,000 zen will be given to each character above 300 LV.
- Event items and normal inventory items: It will be deleted, and noticed reward items on the event page will be given according to your character LV.
- Rudd, Muun, and LV: It will transfer with your character.

2. If I have Premium Service items that are still active on my Speed Server character, what happens to those services when I transfer my character? (Such as Seal of Wealth, Gold Channel Ticket, BOL 200%, etc.)

- Seal of Wealth: It is bound to your character and will remain when your character transfer.
- Gold Channel Ticket: It is bound to your character, and you can apply it to any characters in your account.
- BOL 200%: It is a temporary buff which disappears when you log out, so as during server transfer.

3. When will I receive the "Level Up Perks" package listed on the main Speed Server event page?

- “Level Up Perks” will be automatically given to you when you log in to the transferred server.

4. How many characters can I transfer from Speed Server to the Original Server , per account?

- There are no amount limits for transfer, but there are 10 characters slots per account. You can’t transfer characters if there are 10 characters already In the Original server which is you wish to transfer.

5. I purchased Premium Services from the Speed Server tab / Special Event category, but after I transferred my character, I cannot see the Premium Services listed in the in-game Cash Item Shop storage. Why?

- Those items can be activated from the web-shop, you can find them in the Inbox.

6. Why items without [Speed] tag aren't visible from my inbox?

- At Speed Event Server, items with [Speed] tags are only visible. Items without the tag are purchasable but it will be shown only at original servers.

7. Can I transfer my character in Speed Event Server after Gold Ticket expires?

- Yes. You can transfer your Character on 'Mu online official Webpage'. It is not necessary to log in to the game to transfer your characters. But transfer should be implemented before the 'Character Transfer available period'.

8. How can I transfer back to Normal Server my new character if I used an already existing character name?

- When you transfer the character to Normal servers, you will be asked to set up new character name. Just like you make a new character.

9. If we create a character in Speed Server on account A, do we need to transfer the character to account A on original servers? or can be any other account?

- It can't be any other account. You will be only able to transfer to the same account.

10. Will stat or master level remain the same after transfer? or do will these be reset?

- Everything will remain the same after transfer except Character name. You will have a free chance to re-name your character name.

We will monitor Forum page and update FAQ if answer is required.

Thank You
MU Support Team