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Regarding LV 600 ~ 699 rewards of the 'Level Up Perks' Event (The item name is revised)



One item of the 'Level Up Perks' Event LV 600 ~ 699 rewards is currently guiding with the wrong name on the event page.

Talisman of AscensionⅠ is incorrect as Talisman of AscensionⅡ, and the item name will be revised on the Event page as soon as possible.
(The item name was revised at 08:20 on April 24)

The 600 ~ 699 Reward item will be changed as below on the Event page
Talisman of AscensionⅡ(50 days)Talisman of AscensionⅠ(50 days).

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


MU Support Team