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Season 17 Speed Server - Bonus Ranking Event Rewards have been distributed



Season 17 Speed Server -  Bonus Ranking Event has ended.

We happily announce the 1st~10th ranked players.

Also, we would like to inform that Ranking Event Rewards have been distrbuted.

Rank Server Name Reward
1 Alfheim WalterX15 Divine Archangel Weapon(+0)
2 Alfheim BONZE Divine Archangel Weapon(+0)
3 Alfheim BluePill Divine Archangel Weapon(+0)
4 Arcadia OTRAVEZTU Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)
5 Fresei Voldemorte Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)
6 Alfheim RedPill Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)
7 Alfheim zTheLightz Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)
8 Helheim lMPALER Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)
9 Arcadia Akundun Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)
10 Helheim IMythic Bloodangel Weapon(+0, +luck, +3opt)

*For those who ranked 11 ~ 50 rewards have been distributed on August 29.

Please send us tickets with options you want until September 12.

Thank you.

MU Support team.