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Patch Notes - February 15th, 2022


Dear MUtizens,

Please find the latest update details for MU Online on February 15th, 2022

1. Season 16 Part 2nd Update

1) Elite Zone in Gray Aida.
2) Renewal of the Magic Gladiator
3) The 3rd Guardian 'Fierce Lion'.
4) Improvements
  - Mount Improvements
  - Dismantling temporary items

Please refer to the [Update Guide] for details.

2. Event

[Event period] February 15th ~ Maintenance on March 8th

1) 'Magic Gladiator Stat/Tree Reset Event' is held.
2) 'Gun Crusher Skill Tree Reset Event' is held.
3) 'Fruit Decrease Stat Reset Event' is held.
4) The gray Aida Elite zone event is held.
- The Special Reward items drop rate is twice
- Monster HP 20% decreased / Monster Min/Max Elemental Attack 20% decreased
5) 'Mastery Equipment Enchantment Event' is held.
6) 'Guardian Upgrade Stone Moss Drop Rate UP! Event' will be held.
7) 'Mount & Extract Seed Sphere for Free Event' is held.
8) 'Event Map Reward Double UP! Event' is held.
9) 'Jewel of HARMONY refinement Event' is held.
- Gemstone refining NPC 'Elpis' will be placed in Elverand.
10) 'Monster Soul Converter
Rewards Double UP! Event' is held.

[Event period] February 15th ~ Maintenance on March 15th

1) 'Maze of Dimensions Reward Double UP Event' is held.
- Maze of Dimensions rewards are doubled.
- 30% extra EXP by Monster hunting.

Please refer to the [Event Page] for details.

3. Event close

1) 'Elemental Symbol Event' closes.
2) 'Mastery Accessory Upgrade Success Rate UP! Event' closes.
3) '30% EXP BOOOOST Event' closes.
4) 'Monster HP 20% Decrease Event' closes.

MU Support Team