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Patch Note

Patch Notes - March 22, 2022


Dear MUtizens,

Please find the latest update details for MU Online on March 22 , 2022

1. New Servers Open

1) New Servers Noatun and Jotunheim were opened for players from SEA

2. Event

1) '30% EXP BOOOOST' Event is held.
2) 'Monster HP 20% Decrease' Event is held.

3. Exclusive events for NEW servers Noatun and Jotunheim

1) 'Elemental Symbol' Event is held.
2) 'Event Map Reward Double UP!' Event is held.
3) 'Mastery Equipment Enchantment' Event is held.
4) 'Pentagram Enhancement' Event is held.
5) 'Guardian Upgrade Stone Moss Drop Rate UP!' Event is held.
6) 'Jewel of HARMONY refinement' Event is held.

4. Event closure

1) 'Find a bomb' Event closes.

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