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Patch Note

Patch Notes - August 16, 2022


Dear MUtizens,

Please find the latest update details for MU Online on August 16 , 2022

1. Updates

1) Season 17 Part 1 2nd update is done.
2) New classes (White Wizard and Mage) and items were added.
3) The 7th Mastery weapon and 8th Mastery armor were added.
4) A new hunting ground, a burning kethotum, and an old kethotum, were added.
5) The maximum level was expanded and the season reward Muun was added.

2. Events

1) 'EXP Boost' Event is held.
2) 'Create a New Character' Event is held.
3) 'Dominate the Burning Kethotum!' Event is held
4) 'Mastery Equipment Enchantment' Event is held.
5) 'Fruit Decrease Stat Reset' Event is held
6) 'Seed Sphere Free Cost' Event is held
7) 'Egg of Monster' Event was closed

3. Speed Server

1) The speed servers were closed.


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