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Patch Note

Patch Notes - August 30, 2022


Dear MUtizens,

Please find the latest update details for MU Online on August 30 , 2022

1. Fix

1) The 4th wing's option "%" unit has been fixed in the Spanish client.

2) The tooltip pop-up of a particular Muun no longer causes the game to crash, in the Portuguese client.

(If the Muun's Condition for SA was 201~, 201 ~ Master level, Monday ~ Thursday, and Ability was Attack skill caused the client to crash)

3) Tooltip text errors in some of the Muun have been fixed in the Portuguese clients.

4) The monster hp decreased by 20% events do not apply to 40% at a specific time (00:00 ~ 07:00 UTC).

(It is always applied to 20% during the event period.)


MU Support Team