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The Fastest Way to Meet New Character SEASON 15 PART 1 UPDATE SLAYER X SPEED SERVER

Event Period : 14/07/2020 ~ 11/08/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Mission 01 Weekend Playtime

Play 40 hours every weekend, get rewards!

  • EVENT PERIOD 1st Week: 17/07/2020 ~ 19/07/2020 23:59 (UTC)
    2nd Week: 24/07/2020 ~ 26/07/2020 23:59 (UTC)
    3rd Week: 31/07/2020 ~ 02/08/2020 23:59 (UTC)
  • REWARD DISTRIBUTION 1st Week: 21/07/2020 After Maintenance (UTC)
    2nd Week: 28/07/2020 After Maintenance (UTC)
    3rd Week: 04/08/2020 After Maintenance (UTC)
  • 1st Week

    - [SPEED]Elite Healing Potion x20
    - [SPEED]Elite Mana Potion x20
    - Gold Channel Ticket(1Day)

  • 2nd Week

    - [SPEED]+9 Divine Archangel
    Weapon (3Days)
    - Gold Channel Ticket(1Day)

  • 3rd Week

    - [SPEED][Bound] Bless of Light
    (Greater) x5
    - SPEED]Talisman of Ascension II(3Days)
    - Gold Channel Ticket(1Day)


  • Reward Distribution schedule is subject to change.
  • You can receive rewards only ONCE per account.
  • Please play enough since in-game playtime and real-time might be different.
  • Playtime may not count if the game has ended due to scheduled maintenance. Please finish your game before the maintenance begins.
  • Playtime may not count if the game was forcibly ended.
  • You must accumulate more than 40hours to get rewards.
  • Playtime is accumulative.

Mission 02 First Purchase

Purchase the speed server item for greater rewards!

Event Period : 14/07/2020 ~ 11/08/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

How to participate

  1. Purchase the
    speed server
    only item
    from the shop
  2. Move the item
    from the
    shop storage
    to your inventory
  3. Combine the
    price of the purchased
    item(s) MOVED TO
  4. Check the
    combined price
    claim the reward

Check My Total Price

  • Speed Server Only Item First Purchase

    Bless of Light(Greater)X5

    Speed Server​Only Item
  • Speed Server Only Item Over 8,500Wcoin Purchase

    Bloodangel Soul

    Original Server

Latest Update:11-08-2020 01:00 UTC

Mission 03 Original Server Play

Event Period : 04/08/2020 ~ 01/09/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

1. Transfer your character and claim rewards!

How to participate

  1. Transfer to original servers
    ​after reaching
    ​mission level
  2. Claim your
    mission reward
  3. Check your
  • LV.550

    Reset Fruit Quickness, Strength,
    Health, Energy, Control
    (400 Point each)

  • LV.600

    [Master]Seal of Ascension
    + Skeleton Pet(14Days)
    +​Skeleton Ring(14Days)

  • LV.650

    Legendary Dark Wizard
    + Gold Channel Ticket (28Days)

2. Get a BONUS reward after the transfer!

How to participate

  1. Transfer to
    original servers
    ​after reaching
    ​mission level
  2. Claim your
    ​mission reward
  3. Reach LV.770
    ​within 30 days
    after transfer
  4. Claim your
    ​mission reward
  5. Check your
  • Reach LV.770​within 30 days after transfer

    Darkangel Soul