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Arcadia Awakes ! Level up with Speed Server

Speed Arcadia Launch

Speed Arcadia Reopen 28/04/2020 ~ 19/05/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Arcadia Awakening.1 Invitation toArcadia Event

Event Period 12/05/2020 ~ 09/06/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Greetings, Mutizens ! Are you ready for the NEW Server Arcadia? Make a Character in Arcadia and get gift Just for Arcadia!
Let’s start the journey in Arcadia!

Free Supply Benefit for Arcadia

Gold Channel Ticket(3Days) + Normal Scroll Package(7Days) + [Bound] Bless of Light(Medium)x10EA + Small Wing(7Days)
+ 1st Lucky Ticket Package + Party EXP Scroll(7Days) + Reset Fruit Speed / Strength / Health / Energy / Control (400 point each)
+ Seal of Ascension(7Days) + Jewel of Extensionx5EA + Wings of Angel and Devil(7Days) + Master Scroll Package(3Days)
+ 380 Class Change Item + Master Seal of Ascension(3Days) + Premium Muun(7Days)
+ Talisman of Ascension I(7Days)


Arcadia Awakening.2 Level up Your Character Arcadia Expedition Event

Event Period 12/05/2020 ~ 09/06/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Do not miss the great chance to simply level up your Character in Arcadia
and claim your rewards via the Challenges!