[Event] Sneak Peek to 2021 Speed Server


Greetings, Mutizens !

As many of you have wanted, Speed Server will be opening again on April 13th!

1. Characters in Speed Event Server can be transferred to all servers, including Fresei.
2. Speed Event Server will be opened for 4 weeks starting from April 13th to May 11th Before Maintenance.
3. TWO Speed Servers will be opened at the same time! No need to wander around looking for leveling spots anymore.
4. Do not miss the great chance to simply level up your character until max. LV 700!

5. Claim your rewards via the Challenges!
6. Stay tuned for various events after transferring to the original servers.

2021 Speed Server Early Bird Event

Event Period:  06/04/2021 ~ 27/04/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Prepare to enter the Speed Event Server!

How to Participate :
- Simply click [Claim] Button from the event page!

To visit the event page, >>CLICK HERE<<

Rewards :
- [SPEED] Slayer Character Card
- [SPEED] Wings of Conqueror (3Days)
- [SPEED] +9 Divine Archangel Weapon (3Days)
- Gold Channel Ticket (7Days)
- [SPEED] Bloodangel Box (Each part 1E)
- [SPEED] Talisman of Ascension1(3Days)
- [SPEED] [Bound]Bless of Light (Greater) x10

Thank you for your continuous support.

MU Support Team

Your Time