[Event] Webzen.com's 12th anniversary Event


Webzen's 12th
Event is Here!

Welcome to Webzen's Amusement Park!

We've arranged a number of presents in-game,
on our portal and social media pages.

Celebrate the 12th anniversary of Webzen Portal with amusement and fun.

Click here to check out our webpage

Game Events
Here's what we have prepared for our [MU Online] users!
Bloom Your Spring Event

Anniversary Sales
Spring Festival Sales

Free Gifts
Follow the path to discover the fantastic festival of Webzen!
Follow the path to discover rides on the event page!

Top-Up Special
"It's top-up special time, extra presents as promised...
For the whole duration of the event, you can get
up to 30% bonus Wcoin when topping up!"

"For the exclusive bonus packages,
we are back with better items and packs!
Also, we're offering a Beginner Pack,
a gift you can unlock by just spending 1 Wcoin!
Come and check them out!"

Your Time