[Event] Mastery & Mystery Event (01/06/2021~15/06/2021 UTC)

Dear Mutziens,

We have prepared another awesome events and sales!

[Mastery & Mystery Event]

- To know more about this event, please follow the link >>Click Here<<

1. Beginner & Returner Support

[Event Period]: 01/06/2021~15/06/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

- During the event period, If you are eligible for the rewards, log in and click 'Claim' button.

2. Best Chance for Best option!

[Event Period]: 01/06/2021~15/06/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

- By using ‘Mysterious Stone’ during the event period, a chance for BEST OPTIONS will increase! Also, Bonus Option System has added for mastery items!

3. Mastery Weapon & Armors for 0 Wcoin!

[Event Period]: 01/06/2021~15/06/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

- Purchase +11 Bloodangel Mastery Weapon(7days) and SEt for FREE!!

4. Get Eternal Bloodangel Weapon & armors!

[Event Period]: 01/06/2021~15/06/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

- Depending on what options you acquire, Bloodangel Weapon and Set will remain FOREVER in your hands!

5. Mysterious Ranking Event

[Event Period 1st week]: 01/06/2021 after Maintenance ~ 07/06/2021 23:59 (UTC)
[Event Period 2nd week]: 08/06/2021 after Maintenance ~ 14/06/2021 23:59 (UTC)

- Now Additional Rewards are waiting for those who earned the highest MYSTERIOUS POINTS! 
During the event period, if you use Mysterious Stone to either Mastery Weapon or one of your Mastery Set items, 10 Points per use will be accumulated.

1. Mysterious Stone Sales

[Sales Period]: 01/06/2021~15/06/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Mysterious Stone X1 900 Wcoin
Mysterious Stone X10 + 1 8,000 Wcoin
Mysterious Stone X10 + Mystery Box X1 8,000 Wcoin

2. Premium Muun Egg X 5EA

[Sales Period]: 01/06/2021~22/06/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Premium Muun Egg X 5EA 70 Wcoin

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