[Event] Signature Lucky Box with Lucky Chances (22/06/2021~06/07/2021 UTC)

Dear MUtizens!

Mutizens' most BE-LOVED Sales is now HERE!
Signature Lucky Box with Lucky Chances !

What is Signature Lucky Box?

If you purchase Signature Lucky Box during the Event Period, you can get rewards for 30Days from the day you purchased the Box.

[Sales Period]: 22/06/2021~06/07/2021 07:00 (UTC) 

Please click >>HERE<< to visit Signature Lucky Box Event Page:

You will be able to receive 25 different kinds of Rewards!

* If you purchase "Signature Lucky Box", You will be able to receive the first rewardGold Channel Ticket(7Days) right away from this page.
**  You will be able to receive DAY 1 reward on the day after purchase.


- Please log in to your account to participate 'Signature Lucky Box' Event.
- You can only purchase 'Signature Lucky Box' during the sales period.
- You can only purchase ONCE per account.
- 30Days after the purchase, 'Signature Lucky Box' will be closed and all of items that are not received will be deleted.
- You CANNOT cancel the purchase nor refund once you buy the item.
- Get Rewards' button will be activated if you played more than 60 minutes yesterday, and received previous activated rewards
  (Please play enough since in-game playtime and real-time might be different.)

- Playtime will be updated every day 00:00 (UTC).

What is Lucky Chance?
- If you get rewards for 6, 12, 18 and 24, you will get Lucky Chance to purchase special packages!
- You can only puchase Lucky Chance 1~4 ONCE per account respectively.

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MU Support Team 
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