The purchase policy on W Coin


Dear MUtizens,


Prior to purchasing W Coin, we'd like to inform you the following purchase policies for your absolute corroboration.


Purchasing W Coin

- Age Limit: 13 year of age or more (The same age limit applies to membership)
- Purchasing W Coin is allowed 72 hours after the account registration.
- Transaction is limited to only once per one day.


Definition of W Coin
- Exchange Rate:  USD 1.00= 100 W Coin
- Duration of Use: W Coin is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase


Definition of Point W Point
- Exchange Rate : 1 W Point = 1 W Coin
- Lowest Denomination (Unit) of W Point: 0.1 W Point
- Duration of Use: W Point is valid for 1 year from the date of activation

Any <W Point> can be converted to <W Coin> as long as the following conditions are met:
- Applicable Period: <90 days> after charging, but within one year upon charging.
- Minimum Scale: At least 1 W Point or more.
- The Lowest Denomination (Unit) of Point: No restrictions / All points will be converted.


Withdrawal Policy
- <7 Days> of Grace Period/Waiting Time applies from the withdrawal request to its completion.
- All remaining W Coin and W Point will be deleted once the withdrawal is completed.
- Re-entry is possible within <90 Days> after the completion of withdrawal.
- No restorations on W Coin or W Point for those Re-entrants.


Refund Policy on W Coin
- No refund or chargeback on W Coin and/or on item purchase(s).
 (The account will be blocked on any attempt(s) to cancel/withdraw payments after purchasing W Coin)


Gift Policy on W Coin
- No gifts of W Coin are supported.


All policies on W Coin are to take effect starting on June 26, 2009. (GST Time Standard)

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