Meet New Rune Mage Speed Event Server

Mysterious child, Half Elf

Rune Mage

Born between human and elf, comes for revenge

Event Period: 30/07/2019 ~ 06/08/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

New character, Rune Mage

Name :
Class :
Rune Mage
Base :
Rune Mage
2nd Class Change :
Rune Spell Master
3rd Class Change :
Grand Rune Master
Weapon :
Main Stat :

Background Story

The Rune Mage is a half-elf who were born between
the mage of Arka, an alliance of nobility,
and the fairy who created the Altar of the Wolves.
As inter-species breeding is frowned upon in the Mu empire,
they had to leave the empire and found a settlement called Iria
and lived in peace. When they came of age,
the Lemuria Legion came to the village.
They were heading to the front to join the Siege of Crywolf.
The Arka and the villagers tried to protect their village,
but they were quickly overcome by the legionnaires.
In the chaos, the Rune Mage lost his parents.
After the battle, the Rune Mage headed toward Noria for revenge.

Concept Art