Meet New Rune Mage Speed Event Server

Transfer Benefits I

Level Up Perks

Level UP and collect your rewards !

Note : The reward will be distributed within 4 weeks after closure of the Speed Server.
Transfer Benefits II

Free Server Transfer

Get a free Server Transfer Coupon!

Event Period

06/08/2019 ~ 03/09/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

How to participate

  1. 1Go to MU Online Official Webshop > Premium Category and purchase [Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.
  2. 2Go to SHOPPING LIST > INBOX and USE [Free]Speed Server Transfer item.
  3. 3Claim the item from MU PREMIUM COUPONS > COUPON BOX.
Note: You can use Premium Service items 10 minutes or more after character logged out.

You are no longer a Teleport Character!

The message will disappear after you transfer from Speed Server

[Moved Character]
Cannot unlock