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Server Merge : FAQ - October 31 (last update)


Greetings MUtizens,

Thank you for playing MU ONLINE! We are happy to inform the MU community that we will be merging the servers for Midgard and Eldorado to create a more exciting and balanced environment for all players to enjoy. This consolidation will take place on November 26, 2019 (UTC) and will not affect any players in Helheim or Alfheim.

We understand that our MUtizens have a lot of questions in mind regarding our Server Merge.
We have prepared an FAQ section regarding the server merge to educate further our MUtizens.

Q. What is the minimum level for server transfer?

A. The minimum level for server transfer is 1.

Q. Are players advised not to use their cash items before merge? and how will they be restored, if players have used items and have their duration currently going on?

A. All used/unused Cash Items in Player Inboxes will be restored to Xshop Inventory. Items that have already been activated will be redistributed later.

Q. Are the contents of expanded vault and expanded inventory going to be transferred also?

A. Items in extended vault and inventory will be transferred as well.

Q. What is the name of merged Server?

A. The name of merged Server is MIDGARD !

Q. Does the players in Midgard need to transfer their characters to the new Midgard server?

A. The name Midgard remains. However, the process of server merge is same as two different server being brand new server.

Q. Does the Miracle Coin will be available in all servers after the merge?

A. No. It won't be available.

Q. Do all the existing characters in Midgard will be transferred including vault items, event inventory items and Gremory Case items?

A. [Merging Characters, Items and Storage]

Login recorded after April 1, 2019 in Midgard / Eldorado

If you DO have login records :
Character/Server that has the most playtime record from April 1, 2019 .

If you DO NOT have login records :
The highest level character among servers.

Please note that except the qualified server, the rest of characters/items in Midgard / Eldorado will be deleted.

Q. Does the users in Midgard can use NPC Moss to obtain Conqueror Items?

A. No. It won't be available.

We will monitor Forum page and update FAQ if answer is required.

Thank You
MU Support Team