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Regarding the item list of the Ribbon Box Event


Greetings MUtizens,

We would like to inform the obtainable item list
from the Element Box during the Ribbon Box Event of the Christmas Festival.

1. Pentagram
- Thoughtful Sage's Jewel
- Kundun's Madness Blade
- Kundun's Magic Spell Scroll
- Empire Guardians' Stronghold
- Ancient Icarus Scroll
- Runedil's Goldentune Harp
- Lemuria's Orb
- Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra
- Arca's Prophecy
- Antonia's Sword
- Kundun's Seal Scroll

2. Excellent Socket Pendent
- Jasper Necklace
- Lapis Lazuli Necklace
- Battle Jasper Necklace
- Battle Lapis Lazuli Necklace
* 1~3 sockets can be obtained from the Excellent Socket Pendant.

you can get them from Ribbon Box Event until maintenance on January 3.

Please check the Event and enjoy it.

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MU Support Team