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Seaon17 Part2 Dimensional Roulette Rare Item Ticket 12+1~4 rewards list


If you acquire Rare Item Ticket 12+No., please submit a CS ticket to claim your prize according to this page.

Rare Ticket No. Reward Item name Options
Rare Item Ticket
+7 Earring of Blood(Left) +3 Option  Earring of Blood(Left) - Increase Max HP
- Increase Skillpower/Skill damage
- Increase Mastery Attack/Wizardry
- Increase Mastery Excellent Damage
- Increase Mastery Critical Damage
Rare Item Ticket
+0 Manticore Weapon + 3 Options + Luck Manticore Sword - Excellent Damage Chance +10%
- Attack (Magic) Speed +7
- Acquire (HP/8) Upon Monster Death
- Acquire (Mana/8) Upon Monster Death
- Attack/Spellpower +2.6 Every 20 Levels
- Attack +74
Manticore Staff
Manticore Bow
Manticore Quiver
Manticore Magic Sword
Manticore Scepter
Manticore Stick
Book of Manticore
Manticore Claw
Manticore Lance
Manticore Short Sword
Manticore Magic Gun
Manticore Shield - Base DEF increases by 2.6 every 20 levels
- Reflect 5% DMG
- Increase Defense Success Chance 10%
- Max HP +286
- Max MP +286
- DMG -78
Rare Item Ticket
+0 Celestial Brilliant Armor Set
+15 Stat + Luck
Celestial Brilliant Knight Set Fixed Options
- +15 Stats
Celestial Brilliant Wizard Set
Celestial Brilliant Elf Set (Agility Type)
Celestial Brilliant Elf Set (Energy Type)
Celestial Brilliant Magic Set (Physical Type)
Celestial Brilliant Magic Set (Magic Type)
Celestial Brilliant Lord Set
Celestial Brilliant Summoner Set
Celestial Brilliant Fighter Set
Celestial Brilliant Lancer Set
Celestial Brilliant Rune Wizard Set
Celestial Brilliant Slayer Set
Celestial Brilliant Gun Crusher Set
Rare Item Ticket
+0 4th Wing 2 Option [Level 3] + Luck Wings of Elysium - Increase Mana Full Recovery Rate
- Increase HP Full Recovery Rate
- Increase Enemy DMG Return
- Increase Enemy DEF Ignore Rate
- Increase Excellent DMG Rate
- Increase Double DMG Rate
- Increase Attack (Magic) Speed
- Increase Strength
- Increase Health
- Increase Energy
- Increase Agility
Wings of Flame God
Wings of Celestial Body
Wings of Annihilation
Cloak of Dominator
Wings of Other World
Cloak of Judgment
Cloak of Isolation
Wings of Destiny
Wings of Conviction
Wings of Bloodshed

**Please note
- List might be added due to the new updates of items.
- New characters White wizard and Mage's Mastery weapons, armors, and wings are not redeemable.